About this siteā€¦.

I watched my first Randy Skeete sermon in March of 2013. I had completed various studies on sanctification, and I asked God for a vision of His law. I wanted see His law as part of the whole picture of salvation rather than some isolated addendum to it. Within hours after that prayer I was led to the first YouTube video from Elder Skeete, and I was overjoyed when I saw it. Here was the law preached the way it was meant to be, here was God's law, His love, and His salvation together on display. Gone was the simpering, mewling apologies for the law, from those who hid it under their proverbial stairs like the idiot child they didn't want to admit siring. Instead of grudgingly admitting its existence, Elder Skeete placed at his front gate and proudly shouted "as for me and my house, we serve the Lord."

Here was Adventism as it was meant to be, here was our call to raise the standard amongst our ranks, a call to arms, a call to preach the third angel's message with power.

And so the idea for this site was born. To allow people to find the sermons of Elder Skeete easily and without having to tread on the morally treacherous ground of YouTube or Vimeo. The sermon jams are an introduction to Elder Skeete, and if you like them then I strongly suggest that you go and find the complete sermon from which they were excerpted. There is good food here for a hungry people.

This site is in no way sanctioned by Elder Skeete. It was created without his knowledge or permission (chiefly because I had no way of contacting him to ask for it).

Should anyone wish to contact me, they can by using this email address: ron@randyskeete.com. I would appreciate hearing your comments, ideas or questions. But please realize, these emails are going to me, not Elder Skeete.

May this site be a blessing to all, in preparation for the Lord's soon coming.


Acknowledgements: I would like to gratefully thank the following for videotaping and uploading the sermons presented here.
Without your efforts, this site would not have been possible:

Dan Wycliffe, gaptestimonies, Maschil, Michael Walston, OfficialADTVChannel, PillarsofBibleTruth, Remnant SDA Church, SdaRevival, sukopoppie.