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Pastor Randy Skeete has traveled the world preaching the Gospel. His travels had led him on a continual basis to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Carribbean,
and much of North America.
Pastor Skeete's direct but loving messages have inspired both young and old to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ, but this was something that came about by his careful upbringing. As a child, Pr. Skeete grew up in the Catholic church but his mother stopped attending for fear he would become a priest. They began attending another church, but she wasn't impressed with the level and rigor of their Bible teaching. She eventually came to know about the concept of worshiping on Saturday (Sabbath) and asked one of her friends if he'd ever heard of such a thing.
Being a Seventh-day Adventist, her friend invited them to an SDA church where Pr. Skeete continued to grow in his knowledge and love for God. He said he always wanted to be a pastor, and now he has been doing that for years, bringing the Gospel to thousands around the world.

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#1. Turn off your cell phones.
The sanctuary of the church is dedicated to God. It is holy ground. And to disrespect the holy ground of God's sanctuary is to disrespect God. Unnecessary moving about during services, talking, and visiting, are all disrespectful of God's sanctuary. Cell phones especially distract, not only yourself, but the people around you, and the minister himself. Be respectful, turn off your cell phones, and during the quiet times in the sanctuary when nothing is happening, read your Bible and pray.

#2 Put your words in that man's mouth.
Isaiah 51:16 "And I have put my words in thy mouth". We do not need to hear the words of men. But the church is starving for the words of God. When we pray for our leaders and ministers in the pulpit and pray this prayer, it is a safeguard against sin and error. The prayer serves a two-fold function - to ennoble the speaker with the words of God, and to protect the hearer from the deceptions of error.

#3 Think
Isaiah 1:18 "Come now, and let us reason together." If more people would think, they would not attend the churches they attend. God is a reasonable God. Many men have taken their bread second hand, have not applied their minds, their prayers, and study time to owning the truths of God. When you listen to Randy Skeete's sermons, when you listen to ANY sermon, and when you read your Bibles, THINK, apply your mind, read every word, digest every thought. God will teach you, He will guide you.